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Google Dorking [Simplified]

These are simple and easy to follow Google Dorking commands.

This blog post was created because I couldn't find what I was looking for online, which irritated me, so here we are.

Let me know if I missed anything [within reason, don't be a d*ck].

Basic Commands

To search for an exact phrase [include quotation marks]:

"Original Charizard Pokemon Card"

Find pages containing name OR name [you'll be shown one or the other but not both]:

cats OR dogs

This shows results containing word but NOT x word:

firewall -antivirus

How to search for a movie and the number:

Spider-Man +2 [Or you can use the roman numeral +II]

To search for the definition of a word:


Slightly Advanced Commands

Searching one site for a information:

careers site:https://twitter.com/ [searching the site Twitter for careers] 

Searching within a range of numbers:

raspberry pi 4 $20...40

Searching for name within the past 3 months [you can use 3, 6, & 12 months]:

football date: 3
basketball date: 6
ballet date: 12

Safesearching [doesn't show adult content]:

safesearch: Sex Education

Getting information about a website:


Find pages that link to a website:


Display Google cache of a website:


Calculator Operators


30 + 60


60 - 30


5 - 3


40 / 6

Percentage of [personal favourite]:

20% of 75