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Spotlight / Mentions

Creating macOS Ransomware: In this article, we’ll put our red team hats on, take a look at a macOS ransomware script and discuss how we improved its offensive efficacy.
With the General Availability release of the Huntress macOS agent, we wanted to share some of the Apple-y stuff we’ve been up to behind the scenes.
Written By: Molly 'PonchoSec' N
Published: Nov. 08, 2022

Knowledge Is Power: How Cybersecurity Firm Huntress Helps Customers Protect Themselves.
The security company prides itself on empowering every person equally, whether it’s a customer or an employee.
Written By: Anderson Chen
Published: Nov. 01, 2022

macOS Support Is Here! As you may have noticed, macOS malware is still very much a thing these days.
With macOS malware continuing to ramp up, it’s become clear that a macOS agent is our next logical step with our next iteration of The Huntress Managed Security Platform.
Written By: Jamie Levy
Published: Nov. 01, 2022

Clearing the Air: Huntress Myths and Misconceptions.
We’ve seen some pretty interesting points of view on how we do what we do and why, specifics around our technology and the capabilities we possess.
Written By: James Mason
Published: Oct. 27, 2022