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Do you aspire to be a Cyber Security Hero?

Have you ever watched Mr. Robot and thought, "I want to be Elliot, he's a brilliant Cyber Security Engineer!" If you answered "Yes!"

Then don't look any further. You should take the TryHackMe: Pre-Security Learning Path.

People who browse the Internet on a daily basis will come across news articles, social-media posts, and blogs highlighting Cyber Security Heroes who have stopped attacks against organisations.

Here's how you can become one of those heroes and inspire others around you.

Taken from the TryHackMe Pre-Security Course:

This learning path will teach you the pre-requisite technical knowledge to get started in cyber security. To attack or defend any technology, you need to first learn how this technology works.

The Pre-Security learning path is a beginner friendly and fun way to learn the basics. Your cyber security learning journey starts here!

This Pre-Security course has taught me a lot of the fundamentals that I thought I knew. It's energising, and the tasks help you understand the various technologies mentioned.

Begin your journey by visiting TryHackMe and signing up for free! A fun and informative way to learn about cyber security.